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What is a lazy eye?

A lazy eye is when one eye has normal vision and the other is below 100%, in varying degrees. The condition can also occur in both eyes. It is caused by a malfunction in the development process in the brain’s visual system corresponding to the abnormal eye.

Lazy eye can be caused by strabismus, congenital cataracts or a marked difference in dioptres between one eye and the other. In these cases it can be remedied if the condition is detected in time by correcting the refractive error and making the lazy eye work properly, straightening the eyes or operating on cataracts.

If you have any doubts about a child or adult having lazy eye, or if you want to know what treatment options are available, we, at the INOF Eye Research and Surgery Centre, directed by Dr. Fernández Agrafojo, will be happy to resolve them.

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